Purchase Order Financing

Keep Your Business on Target With Purchase Order Financing

Delivering value to your customers is a top priority. Like many other companies, yours relies on suppliers as a core resource to produce finished goods or presold merchandise. Find Your Next Loan offers commercial finance solutions that remove barriers to a business’s success. Whether yours focuses on domestic production, imports or exports, our purchase order financing is designed to help you reach your potential.

How Our P.O. Financing Works

Find Your Next Loan’s P.O. financing uses a straightforward process. We pay your suppliers in your stead, allowing your goods to ship. In turn, we collect payment from your customers. We deduct our fees and forward the difference to you. This method’s simplicity is ideal for producers, distributors, wholesalers and resellers, but it also avoids adding more debt or negatively impacting a company’s equity. P.O. financing comes with other great perks:

  • Fast, flexible funding
  • On-time deliveries for your customers
  • Room to expand your market share
  • Ability to fill large or unexpected orders

We Can Help Your Company Grow

Whether you’re busy building your business and face cash flow issues or you need emergency funds to ship goods, our purchase order financing services can benefit your business. Our certified financial specialists are ready to give you a free, no-obligation consultation. Get started or learn more by contacting us today.